Angelo’s Bistro: Rapid Rescue

How Drain 2 Drain Saved Angelo’s Bistro from a Flooded Basement

When disaster struck at Angelo’s Bistro in Duffield, with a basement submerged under water, the renowned Drain 2 Drain team was their first call.

Angelo’s Bistro, a beloved culinary gem in Duffield, is known for its cosy ambience and delicious cuisine. However, one evening, the staff was greeted by an unwelcome sight: their basement was completely flooded. The cause? Unexpected heavy rainfall and a subsequent drainage failure. With crucial equipment and supplies at risk, the bistro faced a potential operational nightmare.

The Emergency Call

Understanding the urgency, the management at Angelo’s Bistro didn’t waste a moment and reached out to Drain 2 Drain, Derby’s trusted drainage and emergency service provider. Known for their rapid response and round-the-clock availability, Drain 2 Drain was the ideal saviour in this critical situation.

Drain 2 Drain to the Rescue

Drain 2 Drain’s experienced team was on-site, equipped with the latest in drainage technology and a determined spirit. Here’s how they tackled the crisis:

  1. Assessment: The team quickly assessed the extent of the flooding and identified the primary water ingress points.
  2. Pumping Out: Using high-power, industrial-grade pumps, they began the process of removing the standing water from the basement, working efficiently to minimise water damage.
  3. Vex Drying: Once the water was pumped out, the team employed vex drying techniques. This advanced method significantly speeds up the drying process, ensuring that the area is not just dry but also safe from potential mould and mildew growth.
  4. Inspection and Prevention: After the emergency was handled, the team inspected the premises to identify the cause of the flooding. They provided Angelo’s Bistro with recommendations and solutions to prevent such incidents in the future.

Thanks to Drain 2 Drain’s swift action, Angelo’s Bistro’s basement was restored to its former state, much to the relief of the staff and management. The quick turnaround meant that the bistro could continue operations without significant downtime, saving them from potential revenue loss and reputational damage.