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Pre-Build Surveys

Help informed your next building plan.

Before starting a home construction or major renovation project, a pre-build drainage survey is invaluable. This comprehensive assessment offers a detailed insight into the current state and layout of the property's drainage system, revealing potential issues or blockages that might compromise or impact the planned building work. Being aware of the drainage system's intricacies ensures that the construction process is smooth, with reduced chances of encountering unexpected challenges related to the drains.

Understanding the drainage of a property can significantly influence design decisions, ensuring the new build or renovation works with existing systems. Whether it is identifying the most appropriate site for an extension, gauging the feasibility of adding another bathroom, or ensuring that landscaping changes won't disrupt water flow, a pre-build drainage survey empowers homeowners with essential information.

Post-Build Surveys

Find issues before they grow.

Once the home construction or renovation is completed, it's important to consider a post-build drainage survey. This assessment ensures that all newly installed drainage systems function as intended and are free from defects or flaws. Furthermore, the survey can ascertain if the building work has had any unintended consequences on the existing drainage infrastructure, such as shifts or damages that may not be immediately evident.

A post-build drainage survey provides homeowners with peace of mind and also serves as a proactive measure to catch potential issues early before they escalate into more significant problems. With a clear understanding of the post-construction drainage landscape, homeowners can address any concerns promptly, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of their drainage systems.

Pre & Post Build Survey

What if the pre-build survey identifies issues?

Find & solve issues before they grow to costly repairs.

When a pre-build survey identifies drainage problems, it can initially be a concern. This proactive approach allows for intervention, ensuring any underlying issues are solved before they escalate. Pinpointing specific problems, whether blockages, structural damage, or outdated components, you can incorporate the necessary repairs or modifications into the construction plan.

Having a clear understanding of the existing drainage issues brings the opportunity to reevaluate and refine the building project's design. For instance, if the survey discovers weak spots or vulnerable areas, you can adjust your plan to mitigate the potential impact on those regions.

Furthermore, it allows homeowners and builders to collaborate closely, ensuring the final construction outcome is structurally sound and efficient drainage.

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